Alzheimer's Community Care at Grace Lutheran Church
TRM is currently working as a Construction Manager / General Contractor with the Board of Directors and Pastor Cris Escher of Grace Lutheran Church in Port St Lucie, FL and Alzheimer’s Community Care, from West Palm Beach. The new 6,000 square foot facility will be home to the Alzheimer’s Adult Dare Care Center during the day and used by the church evenings and weekends.

Alzheimer’s Community Care, founded in 1996, has its headquarters in West Palm Beach, already has a presence in Port St Lucie.  This will be their second location in the city and third in St Lucie County with plans to add more along the Treasure Coast in the near future. Today, as the largest provider of community-based, dementia-specific services in Florida, they offer 7 Core Services for their families.

TRM, Grace Lutheran Church and Alzheimer’s Community Care has moved beyond conceptual and are currently in the design phase with The Earthworks Group working as the architectural and engineering firm.  Floor plans and elevations have been completed and are now in review, awaiting approval.

Construction will break ground at the site of the Grace Lutheran Church in February of 2019. TRM is excited to be involved in the essential building of this multi-purpose Care Center that will go on to assist many suffering in our local communities.