Termites are infamous in Florida and the damage they inflict on homes can be catastrophic.  Such is the case of a residence at Lakes at the Savannahs in Fort Pierce.  The termites began with the baseboard, moved to the casing and door jambs and finally stopping at the roof.  Here they damaged nearly half of the roof trusses by eating through the bottom cords and up the truss webs.  Contracted by Signature Property Management, TRM moved in and restored the damage quickly, so the owners were inconvenienced as little as possible.

The owners were relocated and the ceiling drywall was removed along with the damaged parts of 8 trusses.  Following an engineer’s report, repairs to the trusses were done accordingly along with inspections from the Fort Pierce Building Department.  A pocket door, casing and baseboard was also replaced.  Drywall was installed and the area was painted and cleaned.