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TRM Construction Restoring Orange Blossom Business Center

TRM Construction Restoring Orange Blossom Business Center

Hurricane Irma dropped more than 20 inches of rain on Ft. Pierce, which caused massive flooding at the Orange Blossom Business Center. Water infiltrated the entire facility causing most of the occupants to set up temporary offices elsewhere.

TRM Construction Management was brought in to repair the damage. “Demolition began immediately with crews removing flooring, baseboards, damaged drywall, furniture and many other items. Others began moving in fans, dryers, dehumidifies and other equipment to eliminate the water and reduce the potential for mold or mildew, stated Rick Miller, owner of TRM. Hurricane Restoration work is not very pretty work.

Business Restoration Project

The St. Lucie County School Board, Supervision of Elections, Patches and several other businesses were housed in the Business Center. It is a very large project that will take several weeks to complete. Once the remediation and mitigation processes have been completed, renovations will begin. New drywall, floors and interior elements will be installed to each of the areas that were impacted by the water damage. “For me personally, the number of kids affected is the one thing that makes this challenge worth the battle. I want to see them get back to the place they need to be asap,” added Miller.

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