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Fishing For Futures Tournament

Fishing For Futures Tournament

TRM Construction Management would like to thank all involved in this year’s Fishing For Futures Tournament! The much-anticipated tournament was a great success in spite of 2 cancellations and Covid-19 restrictions. Its success has much to do with the dedicated men and women behind it. TRM would like to thank the Boys and Girls Club of SLC and staff who really made this tournament possible with their tireless efforts.

Another big thanks are owed to our sponsors who helped fund the tournament. Their generous contribution allowed for an event that will have a long-lasting financial benefit for the Boys and Girls Club. We appreciate our local businesses for their continued support despite various circumstances that have affected us all.

Finally, a huge thank you to all who came out and fished in support of the tournament. We hope all had a great time at the event. Your participation and taking time from your day to come out and enjoy a day of fishing ultimately benefited a great cause in supporting our local community kids. Because of unforeseen circumstances and challenges of last-minute changes, TRM personally thanks you for your patience and understanding.  As we look to our 3rd annual FFF, we hope that you will join us as we continue to fish for our kids’ futures.

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